What’s in a Logo?

The Bali Network Logo

We love;

The colours of the Bali umbrellas, the kind you find brightening the beach at La Plancha in Seminyak while watching yet another stunning Bali sunset.

The casting of a net to catch fish from the traditional fishing boats that set out well before we’ve all woken (or perhaps before we’ve even gone to bed).

The six degrees of separation theory that anyone you connect with in Bali will prove exists. We’re all better connected.

The fact that even if you feel on the outside, it only takes  one connection to join you to a much wider world, where you can achieve whatever you believe.

That’s what’s in our logo;

Vibrancy of colours representing all the ideas and different people you will meet.

The overarching net, that will enhance your feeling of belonging, even before you’ve arrived

The amazing opportunity that just one meeting can bring and the network reach we all provide each other.

The Bali Network. We are. Connected. Collaborative. Cooperative.


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