Starting or leading a business can be a lonely thing. Often, you have to rely solely on yourself for motivation and whilst you’ve almost certainly got more get up and go than most if you’ve started out on your own, occasionally we all need someone to inspire us and drive us forward.

Often that inspiration comes in the form of a mentor, someone you respect and someone often you are looking to for feedback on your ideas, operations, products and concepts.

Many times that person’s been there and done that, but perhaps more importantly they have the wisdom to see things you haven’t or to challenge the way you are doing things.

Of course all relationships are different, but what we look to create at The Bali Network is a personal introduction to someone we know will help you find inspiration and the answers to any business related quandries you may have, at any stage of your business from start-up to exit.

If you’d like us to propose some potential mentors for you, please just complete the contacts form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

On this page you’ll also find the profiles and channels of some hugely motivational entrepreneurs and will find a wealth of inspiring content across their many different communication channels. If you do nothing else, tune in regularly to their channels for your daily dose of inspiration and motivation.


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